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You Tell Us the Problem
We Provide the Solution. Technically Speaking is an IT consulting and computer support company for small companies and owner-operated businesses in the Halton-Peel Hamilton-Niagara corridor. Large or small, urgent or non-pressing, your computer issues form the roots of our service model. We take the necessary time to learn and understand your computer-related concerns in order to offer the most feasible and sustainable solutions.

A Big Business Approach to Small Business Needs
Our past IT experience working in large-scale businesses and corporate entities is what has shaped the basis for our unique, problem resolution skills. The comprehensive solutions typical of a large corporation are scaled down to suit the demands of small companies and owner-operated businesses. Even though small businesses differ from large operations in many ways, the source of their needs is often the same. Our big business capabilities allow us to work with you on a considerably larger scale. By doing so, we raise the bar and prepare your business for bigger success.


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It's Personal
As a small business owner, your computer is likely an integral part of your operation. Depending on the nature of your business, it may even be the machine on which you spend the bulk of your time. Any malfunction can cause delays, errors and even a loss of business.

On an individual level, your home computer may be your source of entertainment after a long day's work, or maybe it is your chosen communication tool to keep in touch with family and friends throughout the world.

Whatever the purpose of your computer use may be, one statement is typically true: it's personal.

At Technically Speaking, we understand the connection you have to your computer which is why we provide fast, on-site and in-home service.

Minimized Down Time

With over 25 years of experience in computer technology, we are able to quickly diagnose the primary source of your computer issue. When time is critical, it is important for you to hire an IT professional with sufficient knowledge. From basic computer malfunctions to company-wide technical system support, we are well versed in the field. The faster we identify a solution to your problem, the less time you are left without your computer.

The Right Solution

In many computer related problems, there are numerous possible solutions. As a personal computer owner or small business, the best solution is not always clear-cut. By taking the time to properly understand your concerns, we recommend a specific solution to meet the demands of your situation.

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